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Braincize was established to develop and offer advanced diagnostic imaging solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) methods, to help Predict the degree of Brain volume loss and Atrophy (Shrinkage). AI is especially helpful in predicting regional and global atrophy in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) due to blast-related injuries during conflicts in the middle east as well as due to concussive and sub-concussive sport-related injuries in athletes who have suffered repeated injuries as well. We utilize a combination of the Neurosciences along with data driven science and Machine Learning (ML) / Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict and establish regional and global brain volume loss resulting from such injuries as well as neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzhiemer disease, Parkinson Disease, Frontal Lobe Dementia and other dementia syndromes which demonstrate brain atrophy as part of such syndromes. It is important to diagnose and establish early brain atrophy in the above patients which may lead to possible early medical intervention.

Founder/President: Dr. Calvin H Flowers M.D


Dr. Calvin Flowers is a well established academic Neuroradiologist who is an early pioneer in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in the Chicago area. He has been directly involved with setting the early imaging protocols for MRI which have set global neuroimaging standards globally while a freshman at the University of Illinois Chicago under Dr Mahmood Mafee, a globally recognized Neurologic and Head and Neck Expert. Flowers's extensive MRI research in the evaluation of dementia in patients with HIV/AIDS has been cited by the American Journal of Neuroradiology as a landmark paper which is still currently being cited throughout the Neurosciences literature including Neurological, Psychiatric and Neurosurgical specialties. His contribution to the associated findings of HIV involvement and the Substantia Nigra, is now one of his articles which is seeing a resurgence in scientific citation due to the emphasis of pathological changes in these patients and the ongoing debate of HIV related parkinson's disease. Doctor Flowers has presented a significant number of Scientific Papers and Posters on MR Imaging, while teaching radiologists and other clinicians globally. Under the mentorship, his contributions and presentations to the scientific posters at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) during the early years of MRI, and is a testament to the tremendous work he has done in the field of neuroimaging. Dr. Flowers’s more recent research Mild Traumatic Brain Injury(mTBI) and the changes in brain morphology on conventional MRI in Veterans from Middle East conflicts is one of the basis for his contribution to this group of patients. The findings, which forms the basis for his involvement with Machine Learning (ML) / Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be presented as a peer-reviewed article, and will demonstrate the utility of conventional MRI Imaging of the Brain as a New Biomarker for mTBI/Concussion in Military service members returning home from all of the Middle East conflicts. The findings will also be presented along a simultaneous analogical pathway to address and predict early brain volume loss secondary to the effects of repeated concussive and subconcussive sport-related injuries especially in players in the National Football League (NFL) as well as the possible correlation with early Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy(CTE). Dr. Flowers was invited to submit an Abstract of his research, for grant funding, to the National Football League (NFL) Safety Committee in 2018, for new ideas to help with the diagnosis and management of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). The research will also be valuable in the diagnosis and management of neurodegenerative diseases in which volume loss of the brain can be a hallmark of many of these processes.

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